Tabatière piriforme en verre overlay rouge sur fond transparent à décor sculpté en continu de deux dragons « chi » enroulé sur eux-mêmes. Le pied en overlay rouge.

Chine, 1740 – 1820
Ht : 8,1 cm
Provenance : Vente Me Tajan – Drouot 11/02/1998 – N° 182

A glass snuff bottle of tall cylindrical shape, the clear ground decorated in red with a continuous scene depicting two chi dragons, one disposed on each side. The oval foot rim carved from the overlay colour.
China, 1740-1820
H: 8.1 cm
Provenance: Vente Tajan – Drouot, 11 février 1998 – N°182


Tabatière de forme rectangulaire aplatie en agate blonde sculptée en utilisant les veines brunes naturelles de la pierre d’un décor dit “silhouette” montrant un écureuil sur un arbre et un oiseau sur un rocher. Très bien évidée
China, 1760-1840
H: 6,7 cm

An agate snuff bottle of rounded rectangular form carved from the natural dark inclusions with an eagle on a rock and a squirrel on a tree. The reverse with abstract markings.
China, 1760-1840
H: 6,7 cm
Provenance: French Collection

An agate snuff bottle, the body suffused with natural splashes of russet and brown, painted on the inside with an unusual scene depicting two children in a shell; the reverse with fan-tailed fish swimming among aquatic plants. Mask and ring handles on the shoulders.
The bottle from the 19th century, China
Signed Shouben with his red seal.
H: 6,2 cm
Provenance: French Collection


A porcelain snuff bottle of tapered shape with a flared neck painted in underglaze-blue and red copper with a continuous scene of warriors in a landscape probably based on a legend.

China, 1820-1880

H: 7,3 cm

Provenance: private French Collection

Inside Painted/Peinte à l’intérieur

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